Whats the difference between Standard and Premium options?

Standard options are a generic ‘atheltic’ font for the names and numbers which is only available in black or white.  We also offer Premium options which are matched as close to the players jerseys as possible in regard to colours and fonts.

Do you hold all jerseys in stock?

While we hold some stock we do not hold all stock that is shown on our site.  We use a network of suppliers and manufacturers to supply the jerseys in our catalogue.  This is what contributes to the 2-4 week turn arounds.

At the end of the season where the new jerseys are released we will supply the newest jersey we can.  As an example if you buy an NRL jersey from this season in December when the next season stock is starting to come out we will supply the new jerseys where we can.

How long does it take to get my order?
Depending on stocks levels orders can take up to 3 weeks to be completed and sent. Normally orders are filled in 7-14 days from order through to being posted while some jerseys may take longer for us to get in from our suppliers. Please allow up to 3 weeks for the item to be completed and then sent through international postage channels or contact us to find out the turn around times on individual products.
Presale items take longer and will give a shipping date as early, mid or late in a month.  Please note these are rough timings and while normally accurate can take longer.
Are your jerseys licenced?

Yes, we offer licenced NRL, AFL, Rugby Union, Cricket and Soccer/Football Jerseys.  Occasionally we also offer a series of unlincenced jerseys which are generic for countries, states or events.  These items are clearly marked as unlicensed garments.

Where do you deliver to?
Orders can be posted to anywhere the Australian Postal system will deliver, this includes internationally.
How much does shipping cost?
Items are shipped at a cost of £15 wordwide
Who is responsible for duties on international transit?

As every country has its own importing rules and regulations the purchaser is responsoble for any duties, tarriffs or taxes imposed on deliveries.

What if I want a different coloured name or number?
Anything is possible and each job will be priced on its own merit. Contact us with your special requests
Are your numbers the same as the authentic ones used on the real player’s jerseys?
Some of the numbers are exactly the same as the authentic ones, however in a number of cases this is not possible due to rules set by the teams or manufacturers. In those cases we match the numbers as close as we can.
How are the numbers and names put on the jersey?
Numbers and names are heat sealed onto jerseys.
Do you embroider names and numbers onto jerseys?
No, we only heat seal numbers and names however if you require embroidering please contact us to discuss.
What are names and numbers made out of?
We use a diverse range of heat-applied materials to create the numbers and names. All are designed to last and hold their shape through the rigors of contact sports.
Do you offer a Rush Service?

Where available we can do RUSH SERVICES. This is dependent on stock availability and work load at the time.  Please drop us an email.

Can I return my jersey?

Because we personalise jerseys we cannot accept returns unless they are faulty or we have made a mistake.  Please see our full Reurns Policy here

Do you have a Customer Support Service?

We do have a customer support service.  You can email [email protected] with any queries.  We contact all customers via email so all parties have a clear communication as to what is going on.

Where are you based?

We are based in Australia sending all around the world